The Warped Side of Our Universe

The Warped Side of Our Universe

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Publisher: Liveright Publishing Corporation (2023); 11" x 9 3/8" hardcover, 255 pages 

In this book, epic verse and paintings coalesce to shed light on time travel, black holes, gravitational waves, and the birth of our universe.

"Nearly two decades in the making, "The Warped Side of Our Universe" , with more than 300 original paintings throughout, takes us on an Odyssean journey into and through the universe's Warped Side.  Here Thorne, in carefully crafted verse, distills the essence of the complex scientific concepts, discoveries, and innovations that comprise his field, from Einstein's law of time warps to LIGO, which Thorne cofounded forty years ago to catalyze human encounters with the Warped Side.  In complementary paintings, Halloran opens our eyes to the beauty and richness of this wild and unfamiliar world, bringing to vivid life the twisting space vortices, collapsing wormholes, and smoldering vacuum of warped spacetime."

"Through their verse and artwork, Thorns and Halloran craft an epic narrative that shows how physicists, including Thorne himself, have transformed sparse speculation about the Warped Side into rich understanding, grappling with questions like: How did the universe begin? Can anything travel backward in time? And what weird and marvelous phenomena inhabit the Warped Side?  In addition to describing recent breakthroughs, The Warped Side of Our Universe offers unparalleled insight into some of the most bewildering scientific discoveries of the twentieth century, including the laws of black-hole mechanics."


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