"When Galaxies Were Born" by Richard S. Ellis

"When Galaxies Were Born" by Richard S. Ellis

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Publisher: Princeton University Press (2022); 6.5" × 9.625", hardcover, 223 pages.

Astronomers are like time travelers, scanning the night sky for the outermost galaxies that first came into being when our universe was a mere fraction of its present age.  This book is Richard Ellis's firsthand account of how a pioneering generation of scientists harnessed the world's largest telescopes to decipher the history of the universe and witness cosmic dawn, the time when starlight first bathed the cosmos and galaxies emerged from darkness.

     Stunningly illustrated with a wealth of dramatic photos, When Galaxies Were Born is a bold scientific adventure enlivened by personal insights and anecdotes that enable readers to share in the thrill of discovery at the frontiers of astronomy.


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